Membership Application

We welcome every new member who actively supports our association.

There are two types of membership in our association:

  • personal members
  • supporting members

The admission of new personal members depends upon the following criteria:

  1. the applicant’s subject-specific qualification
  2. the relevance of the institution or company the applicant belongs to (institution of higher education, association, business enterprise etc.)
  3. the current number of personal ICPMSB members, considering that no institution or company should be represented by more than one member at a time

Concerning the supporting ICPMSB membership, any natural person or corporate entity or other association of individuals who is willing to support the ICPMSB’s goals may take on this role. Support may be both material or non-material. Corporate entities should support materially. Supporting members have a guest status in the members’ meeting retaining the right to speak but not to vote.

Both memberships can be applied for with the following membership form. Please note that in addition to the membership form a non-disclosure agreement is also required.