List of Training Providers

The “International Certified Professional for Medical Software Board e.V.” association defines a curriculum of teaching contents and goals. Anyone interested can prove their knowledge of these contents by taking a certification exam.

Training providers accredited by the association optimally prepare candidates for these exams. However, participating in the training is not obligatory for taking the exam.

The accredited training courses take four days and end with an optional exam on the fourth day. Through the accreditation the association attests the training providers that they have qualified trainers imparting the compulsory teaching contents so that the participants achieve the required teaching goals.

The following training providers were accredited by the association with offering training courses in compliance with the CPMS curriculum so as to prepare the participants for the certification exam in the best way possible (list in alphabetical order):

Please visit the training providers’ websites to find out the current course dates or follow the respective link (dates).