International CPMS Board e.V.

In the course of the “MedConf 2009” conference, a new training initiative for medical software developers was started. The “Certified Professional for Medical Software” (CPMS) initiative has set its sights on creating a uniform education and training standard for those entrusted with the development and quality assurance of software as an accessory of medical devices and as a stand-alone medical device.

The International Certified Professional for Medical Software Board (abbreviated ICPMSB hereafter) is an association of experts on the “medical software” subject. It is to include subject matter experts from the industry, consulting and training companies, notified bodies, from science and other organisations and associations.

The “Certified Professional for Medical Software” model is an international standard for education and training. It defines consecutive training levels each of which is determined and possibly subdivided by a corresponding curriculum. The respective levels are completed by exams about the contents specified in the curriculum and the related teaching goals. The model also comprises accreditation rules for the accreditation of training companies as well as guidelines for regulating the final exams and the lists of exam questions.

The (further) development and maintenance of the “Certified Professional for Medical Software” model and its realization are carried out by the International Professional for Medical Software Board.